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OODA Security

To observe the status of your physical or human sensors

Navigate the 3D map of your site to analyse and understand your alarms

Decide of the best means of dealing with guidance from our AI that comes from the experience of thousands incidents and of senior operators

Act on the entirety of your sensors

Innovation. Startup

OODA Simulation

Provide the opportunity to simulate events, real or not, so that your operators respond in the good way at the right moment.

Innovation. Startup

OODA Analytics

Create the digital profile of a person, a vehicle, an object intuitively, quickly in innovative ways.

Share it immediately with the agents on the ground and ask all of your cameras.

Constellation des solutions OODA
Innovation. Startup


Constellation is a platform that unifies all the data sources from the different key actors of the security
The platform is expandable and open. Any type of tools may be connected and different data types may be transmitted to this platform. It is interoprable.

The platform is able to manage the workflow and detect the important details of the mass.
Thanksto the deep learning, the platform may :

  • Detect anomalous events before the occur
  • Advise and assist the operator on actions needed
  • Perform automatically intelligent procedures