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Obvious Founding Member of Drones4Sec

Obvious Technologies is proud to be among the 7 founding members, alongside ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab, Orange Cyberdefense, PHOTONIS, Shark Robotics, WISeKey SA, hoverseen - under the chairmanship of Parrot!
DRONES4SEC is a European Action Tank whose aim is to bring out innovations and experiments in European territories with the support of the European Union and to strengthen cooperation between European security drones’ players.

These actions will make it possible to test the frameworks of use, respecting European requirements, in order to help build European regulations. At a time when the use of drones is becoming more and more part of the daily life of companies and authorities, the creation of a sovereign, representative and expert federation, reinforces the development of this innovative industry, bringing together European technology companies with high potential.

DRONES4SEC aims in particular to define the criteria of trust, cybersecurity and protection of personal data that the use of drones requires for these new uses and to sensitize decision-makers to the importance of choosing trusted drones.

DRONES4SEC brings together drone manufacturers, suppliers of strategic components or expertise, and software solutions providers who orchestrate the deployment of drones or exploit data from drones.

7 founding members: Obvious Technologies, ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab, Orange Cyberdefense, PHOTONIS, Shark Robotics, WISeKey SA, Hoverseen - under the chairmanship of Parrot - have come together to meet these challenges.

The ZENON7-EUROPA company specializing in European Affairs and Economic Diplomacy will act as the General Secretariat. Mr. Thierry BERTHIER will be the scientific advisor.

The first working colleges of the Federation were created, and in particular the creation of the automatic flight college piloted by the company HOVERSEEN which has already joined DRONES4SEC.

European security drone players can find the terms of membership on the DRONES4SEC website https://www.drones4sec.eu. 


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