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New partnership with Azur Drones

Obvious Technologies and Azur Drones join forces to accelerate strategic decision-making during incident management
Obvious Technologies and Azur Drones join forces to accelerate strategic decision-making during incident management

Paris, France, July 12, 2021 - Obvious Technologies, a software command & control (C2) solutions’ editor leveraging digital twin and 3D data visualization, and Azur Drones, the European leader in autonomous surveillance UAVs, join their expertise to offer an innovative combined solution for public safety and mission-critical organizations, in France and internationally, particularly in the Middle East.

Thanks to technological developments enabling their automation, drones are increasingly used for security applications. Azur Drones' Skeyetech drone is fully autonomous: it carries out surveillance missions, without any remote pilot, by day or night, from its docking station. Thanks to the emerging partnership between Azur Drones and Obvious Technologies, Skeyetech will ultimately be operated from OODA (Orient, Observe, Decide & Act) C2 platform to report an alert, provide an aerial viewpoint and share various valuable data   whenever incidents occur.  

“OODA platform was designed to accelerate the access to useful information, as well as the decision-making process throughout the chain of command. Using artificial intelligence capabilities, OODA fuses data from multiple sensors and transforms them, in real time, into actionable information for decision and action. As an on-demand mobile camera, Skeyetech autonomous drone is a valuable system that enriches the data analysed in OODA.” explains Thierry Orosco, CEO of Obvious Technologies. “Skeyetech can also be sent to an alert zone in a few seconds to provide a 360° view of the situation, especially in areas without resources or fixed cameras, in order to assess the criticality and to guide the intervention teams beforehand.” 

Skeyetech and OODA are two French solution, at the cutting edge of the latest technologies which, together provide a real operational benefit for professionals. We are delighted to offer them today a combined solution to help security teams saving time, improving their performance, saving people lives and limiting infrastructure losses.” adds Jean-Marc Crépin, CEO of Azur Drones.

The integrated OODA / SKEYETECH solution offers a unique added value for securing critical sites in sectors such as nuclear, Oil&Gas, ports but also Safe Cities. 

The agreement between the two companies includes close technical, sales and marketing collaboration, but is not exclusive

About Obvious Technologies
Headquartered in Suresnes, France, Obvious Technologies offers an innovative software suite for mission-critical vertical markets such as safe cities, critical infrastructure protection, airports, transportation, major events and intelligence. Leveraging the simplicity of use from the gaming industry through native 3D data visualization, the agility of latest generation open platforms, data analytics based on artificial intelligence and unique decision support features, the startup offers simple but effective solutions for all type of missions, whole life cycle and the overall chain of command. Obvious Technologies is part of the Neostone Group, which also includes Axone Systems, and is present in France, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates where the OODA solution has been selected for strategic government projects.
For more information, visit  www.obvious.tech

About Azur Drones 
Azur Drones is one of the world leaders in drone-in-a-box solutions for surveillance and inspection. The company’s SKEYETECH system was developed to provide customers with a patented autonomous drone solution designed for sensitive sites security and operations support. Fully integrated into existing security systems, SKEYETECH is operational 24/7 to carry out specific checks, perimeter patrols, inspection missions or assist in crisis situations. Skeyetech is today the most deployed autonomous drone system in the world with over 150 users and 10,000 operational flights. Based in Bordeaux, Paris and Dubai, Azur Drones collaborates with well-established contractors in Europe and in the Middle East.For more information, visit  www.azurdrones.com


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