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Before we start

OODA offers to users a unique operational environment where all information are displayed in the most simple and visual way and all actions can be executed in the most effective way. Our ultimate goal is to save time and use latest technologies to fasten access to information and accelerate the decision-making process.

Our logic is simple, be disruptive by using technology tailoring our services to customers' needs Read more

  • all-in-one but open and modular C2 platform
  • intuitive and optimized HMI
  • communication & coordination innovative tools
  • advanced data management and analytics
  • a full set of special features that makes the difference in a mission.


OODA is a comprehensive software suite offering a Command & Control platform where each mission’s stakeholder can access to the information they need, in the most appropriate way considering their role, location and situation.

  • OODA PSIM and OODA C2, for all control room operators’ workstations, and configured as per users’ assigned privileges (including alarm management, video monitoring, 3D situational awareness and a log report management)
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  • OODA Tactical Command, for delocalised and mobile centres which need to command, close to the field, a special event or area of interest, with a group of agents
  • OODA Mobile, for field agents who need to receive clear information about ongoing incidents, while permanently communicate in real time with the control room
  • OODA Crisis for decision makers for special needs or strategic situations, developed as a touchscreen table application
  • OODA Wall, allowing video wall supervisors to control and rearrange quickly, the information displayed on the video wall, directly from OODA interface.


Constellation, our open platform
powerful engine

Constellation, our open platform and powerful engine

OODA C2 system architecture relies on CONSTELLATION, an open platform enabling all needed technical interfaces with third-party systems or applications but also a smart engine allowing to run special data analytics and manage complex workflows.

  • Based on the micro-services architecture, each business requirements are using completely independent services, allowing to modularly reshape the platform at needs
  • Services are container-based and can be deployed across multiple container orchestrator such as Kubernetes or Swarm
  • Can be deployed on your infrastructure (on premise) or ours (SaaS)
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  • Allow complex workflow configuration and management (SOP/CONOPS)
  • Manage simultaneously any number of geo-distributed sites
  • Exposes an Open API 3.0 and Swagger 2.0 compliant API, offering the ability for any 3rd-party system to easily integrate using any programming language
  • Uses modern, widely adopted and secure protocols (HTTPS and WSS) to communicate with Constellation
  • Rely on Kafka, the most popular, fault-tolerant, message hub to distribute efficiently any events triggered by the platform or its underlying 3rd-party systems
  • Can be horizontally scaled allowing you to easily extend your infrastructure to handle always increasing volumes of data
  • Rely on robust & performant NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Elastic Search.


A snapshot of what we can do with OODA

  • We GATHER, INDEX and CORRELATE vast quantities of data from security, safety, ICT and other sources
  • We DISPLAY relevant, specific, timely and targeted information to appropriate agents whenever they need it
  • We SHARE information with transparency and traceability
  • We LEVERAGE powerful analytics to offer invaluable decision-making support
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  • We ENHANCE communications between the control room, mobile centres and field operators
  • We INTEGRATE plans and coordinate missions at the strategic, operational and tactical levels
  • We MONITOR real-time top indicators to activate or modify scenarios based on severity


Special Operational Features

In addition to intuitive and immersive 3D Data visualization environment, OODA can leverage a whole set of special features, developed to ease the work of operators and offer them what will make the difference to save time when needed.

We differentiate ourselves by permanently measuring the time of actions, within a given space-time, to be always ahead of possible next steps.

Here is a selection of key features what we consider of interest for our customers.

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  • TACTICAL EDITOR to draw, brief and share easily, homogenously and instantaneously from the simplest to the most advanced tactical plans
  • SMART SCAN to visualise and command instantaneously all available sensors and resources (by number and nature) in a special area of interest
  • DISPATCH to visualise in a very obvious way the most relevant resource based on profile, availability, and time to reach
  • VIP TRACKING to intuitively follow VIP through the 3D navigation
  • VIDEO ANALYTICS (optional) to search in a few clicks a person, a vehicle or an object, based on image analysis and facial recognition algorithms

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