Obvious Technologies is a pioneering Command & Control solutions’ editor for security & mission-critical operations.

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Our credibility is built by combining multifaceted expertise and solid experience

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At Obvious Technologies, we are here to help Corporate Security, Public Safety and Law Enforcement organisations focus on their mission, save time and gain efficiency in their operations. We develop our in-house solutions to be entirely human-centric, as our technology is designed to allow professionals to observe, understand, decide, and act faster and with greater ease.
During my career in the French counter-terrorism forces, I have had the opportunity to witness and appreciate how important it is to save time during moments of crisis. When everyone involved in the operation can receive, analyse and share all relevant information, it enables them to act faster and more decisively. This drives better decision-making at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. In turn, this saves time and, ultimately, it saves lives.
Our company prioritises teamwork, excellence and value for money. We are always looking to build long-term relationships with all the stakeholders of our ecosystem, based on trust and mutual respect. Innovation is in our DNA and we are convinced that new technologies can serve humanity, allowing everyone to live in a safer, more connected world.
Today, Obvious Technologies is a dependable, mature and pioneering startup. We have independently developed a unique software suite with no equivalent on the market, supported by a team of technical, operational and business specialists who all love and are driven by what they do.
We look forward to accelerating our sustainable growth by delivering successful new projects across the globe. If you think we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us and let's start the conversation. Thank you for taking the time to see what we have to offer – I hope we can be of service.

Thierry Orosco
CEO of Obvious Technologies, Former Commander of French counter-terrorism forces (GIGN)

Thierry O.

Leadership Team

Our dynamic and experienced team of technical, operational and business security specialists all love and are driven by what they do, think out of the box and are dedicated to solving customers’ pain points.

Thierry OROSCO

Thierry OROSCO
Co-Founder & CEO

Naoufal El Ouali

Naoufal El Ouali
Co-Founder & Executive VP

Beranger KABBAS

Beranger KABBAS
Co-Founder & CTO


VP Marketing & Development

Amine SADI

Amine SADI
VP Global Sales


values & philosophy

values & philosophy


Our Services

As a software solution editor, Obvious Technologies is not mandated to deliver the range of services of a full comprehensive project. However, because we believe our solution will be the essential core and platform of any system integration projects, our teams are able to support both end-users and system integrators before, during and after the solution deployment and deliver the below scope of work:

  • 3D Modeling, based on the expected level of reality
  • Proof of concept management
  • Concept design, System architecture design
  • Third-party systems interface development
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  • Software solution installation and configuration
  • Factory and Site Acceptance Tests
  • On-site technical assistance
  • Training with certified specialists, customizing plans as per your needs
  • Maintenance


Why choose us

Because we are knowledgeable, experienced and have credibility in the industry
We have in our team multiple recognised experts in their field, representing years of accumulated experience and delivered projects. Our company was built upon the idea of bringing together technical, operational and industry leaders from the public and private sectors, offering a unique approach capable of filling a sizeable gap in the market.
As a small and dynamic startup, we offer flexibility and agility. We take our role extremely seriously while staying humble, since our customers are essential to our success. Internal decisions are made quickly, based on common sense and the realisation of important opportunities that will benefit our clients, for whom time is often a critical issue.
We are selling much more than a product with various features; our true source of added value is how we address and solve your pain points and challenges. We always aspire to adapt to your operational constraints, bringing you powerful but transparent tools that place everything you need directly at your fingertips.
We understand that, in our industry, when our customers decide to work with us, they’re entrusting a very important part of their business and reputation to us. We are building our story with you and this is just the start of a long adventure, one where we consistently deliver the best support and added value, going beyond your expectations wherever and whenever we can.

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